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Safia "Vani" Q.


Vani, is a freelance animator, comic-artist, and illustrator based in Mississauga, Canada. They recently earned a Bachelor in Fine Arts from OCAD University, Toronto. They attended school in Switzerland and later in Lebanon, before migrating to Canada in 2016.


At the moment Vani is working on an online webcomic that is set to be released around 2024. Along with that they are working on collaborative animations, illustrations, and free-lance commission work in the hope to further involvement in the animation industry, and create larger scale animation projects. Vani enjoys creating projects that normalise diversity and differences, and prefers using fantastical elements as metaphors and symbols to further positive narratives in a manner that is easier to digest.

Although their focus is on Animation and Graphic Novels, Safia experiments with expanding their skill set into various forms of narrative art.


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